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Why it’s vital to get professional equity release advice

Millions of people have invested in properties over the years. For some, this is their pension plan; for others, it’s a way to provide a legacy for their children. As a result, many people have found themselves with significant equity in their homes. Accessing an equity release scheme could release cash tied up in your home.

However, before considering equity release products, it is vital to get professional advice before deciding whether this is the right option for your circumstances.

Reasons why you need a professional equity release advice

When thinking about releasing equity from your home, there are many things to consider. And it can be challenging to make the right decision on your own. That’s why it is so important to get sound financial advice on equity release. This way, you weigh all your options and make the best decision for your needs.

Let’s find out five reasons why you need professional equity release advice.

1. Market conditions

When you’re talking to a professional, they will consider your age, health, and the amount of equity that you have in your home. They will also look at the current interest rates and market conditions. This is important because the interest rates can significantly impact how much money you’ll receive from your equity release plan.

2. Types of equity release

The financial adviser will also help you understand the different equity release plans available. There are many options, and it can be challenging to choose the right one for your needs. Your adviser will help you find the form of equity release for you and your family.

3. Calculate the risks of equity release

It’s important to remember that equity release is a long-term commitment. You will be tying up your money for several years, and you may not be able to access it if you need it. They can help you understand the impact of equity release and help you find the best plan for your needs. Don’t make any decisions without getting a professional opinion.

4. Know your goals

A professional equity adviser finds out what you want to achieve and helps you achieve your goal while saving your money. They will help you find the best plan for your needs and make sure that you are comfortable with it.

For example, suppose you want to pay off all of your debts. In that case, a professional equity release adviser can help find a plan with low-interest rates. This way, you won’t have to worry about your debts anymore. Or, if you want to leave money for your children, an adviser can help you find a plan to give them a lump sum of money when you die. This is a great way to provide for your children’s future and ensure they are taken care of.

5. Protect your inheritance

The professional can help in protecting your family’s inheritance. They can also help you find a plan that is best for your needs, whether to pay off debts or leave money for your children.


If you are considering equity release, it is highly recommended that you get a professional equity release adviser to help guide your decision. This is because equity release arrangements can be complicated. And, without careful planning, it could cost more money in the long run.

A financial adviser will look at all your options and help you choose the best type of equity release for your needs while saving money.

Please note:

  • Equity release, lifetime mortgages & home reversion plans will reduce the value of your estate and can affect your eligibility for means tested benefits.

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